Rev. Don Garrett

June "Juneteenth"
May "Pentecost"
April "What Is Our Common Wealth?"
February "The Long Haul"
January "What's Your Intention"
"Happy New Year"
December "Hanukkah and Christmas"
November "Affluence without Abundance"
"Dorothy Day"
September "Transformational Worship"
"Labor Day"
July "The Separation of Church and State"
June "Take Joy"
May "Shadow Dancing"
April "Black Lives of UU Teach-In - Rev. Garrett, Beth Williams, Diana Lormand, Tara Stephenson, Vanessa Williams"
March "Justice Sunday"
January "Making Dreams Come True"
Meditation: Toward A New Definition of God

December "Creating Sanctuary"
November "What's Our Story"

"What's Your Story"
September "Covenant"
April "Earth Day"

"Passover Retold"  
March "Another Look at Easter"

"Money and the Meaning of Life"  
January "Black Lives Matter"

"Got Mission?"  
December "A Season of Wonder"
November "Mindful Politics"
September "Care of the Soul"
August "After Empire"
July "Paradox of Independence"
Jun "Feeding the Hungry"
May "Pure Imagination"
April "Easter 2015"

"Earth Day 2015: The Universe Story"
March "Yes We Can"

"50 Years Since Selma"
February "Training the Puppy"
December "Escalating Inequality"
November "Living Our Covenant"

"Memory as an Act of Creation"
August "Considering Violence"
July "Universalist Revival"
April "John Murray’s Universalist Journey"

"The Three Errors of Unitarian Universalism"
March "Ain’t Misbehavin"  

"Watch the Donut, Not the Hole"
February "Kinds of Love"
January "Imagination"

December "Bodhi Day"
November "The Ghosts of Racism"

"The Haunting Church"
October "When I'm 64"
August "The G- Word"

"Finding Prayer"  
July "Tending Our Figs"
June "Our Sacred Covenant"
May "Radical Hospitality"

"The Pecking Disorder"
April "What’s So Great About Now?"

"What’s So Great About Now? Part II"  

"Earth Day 2013"
March "Standing on the Side of Love"
February "Religious Integrity"

"A Covenantal Faith"
January "Got Trust?"

"Deconstructing Individualism"
September "Labor Day"

"The Devotional Heart"
August "The Persuasiveness of War"
July "Mountain Waterfall"
May "Search for Wholeness"

"The Great Mother"

"Got Values?"
April "Easter"

"Heaven: Here and Now"
March "What is This Church For?"

"Shared Ministry"

"There but for Fortune"  
February "What is Church For?"

"Please Understand Me"
January "What is Religion For?"

"Stroke of Insight"
December "The Teachings of Jesus"
November "Principles and Politics"

"The Four Noble Truths"
October "Sharing in Heaven"
September "It All Started with Abraham"
August "Hiroshima"
May "Immigration Rights in America"

"The Woman Who Tried to Repeal Mother’s Day "

"Called to Be More "
 April "Emerson and Religious Freedom "
March "Spider Grandmother's Gift"

"Living Our Values"

"Micah’s Call to Social Justice"
February "UU's and Buddhism"

"Looking for Love"
January "Universalism - Our Other Half"

Martin Luther King Jr. Day -"What's Your Dream?"

"Resolutions for Happiness"

December "A Very Brief History of Time"

"Differences in Diversity"
November "Gratitude"


"What Color is Your Turtle?"
October "Día de los Muertos"

"What's Your Frame?"

"Dorothea Dix and Mental Health"
"Radical Sprituality"
August "The Spell of the Sensuous"
May "The Postmodern Beloved Community"

Guest Sermons

Tara Stephenson
Jul 22, 2018 "Profiles in Courage"
Tara Stephenson
Jan 28, 2018 "Release from Shame"
Tara Stephenson
Jul 30, 2017 "Nature of a System"
Rev. Dr. Richard Speck
Jul 23, 2017 "Are You Convictable"
Marie Tweed
Jul 16, 2017 "In Praise of Weeds"
Tara Stephenson
Feb 19, 2017 "Crisis Of Faith"
Marie Tweed
Feb 02, 2017 "Who Are You"
Tara Stephenson
Aug 14, 2016 "How Great Is Your Love"
Rev. Libby Smith
Aug 21, 2016 "Breaking Down Barriers"
Rev. Libby Smith
Aug 07, 2016 "Living With Reverence"
Rev. Libby Smith
Jul 31, 2016 "Wrestling with the Holy"
Rev. Libby Smith
Jul 17, 2016 "Compassion: The Heart of Faith"
Rev. Libby Smith
Jul 03, 2016 "On Being Religious"
Tara Stephenson
Feb 21, 2016 "Only Kindness"
Tara Stephenson
Aug 30, 2015 "The Obligations of Compassion"
Tara Stephenson
Mar 29, 2015 "Crossing the Bridge to Shalom"
Tara Stephenson
Jun 29, 2014 "Life Lessons from Mister Rogers"
Tara Stephenson
Mar 30, 2014 "Committed to Certainty?"
Tara Stephenson
Sep 29, 2013 "Peace and Justice"
Tara Stephenson
Jul 28, 2013 "Wisdom from World Religions: Indra's Net"
Tara Stephenson
Feb 03, 2013 "The Wounded Healer"
Marie Tweed
Jan 27, 2013 "Patchwork and Community"
Marie Tweed
Jun 24, 2012 "Gratitude"