April 2018


"Emergence - What Does it Mean to be a People of Emergence" - Rev. Don Garrett, Presenter
Please join us for a small group themed discussion on what does it mean to be a people of emergence.


"Sunrise and the Fight for Climate Justice in Pennsylvania" - Ben Bristol, Presenter
Sunrise is a movement of young people fighting to stop climate change and elect leaders who will stand up for the health and well-being of all people. Come discuss environmental politics in Pennsylvania and hear about our plan for action in 2018.


"The Origins of the Current Wars in the Middle East" - Todd Carpien, Presenter
Todd Carpien, who last made a presentation at Breakfast Forum with his poetry and songs of World War I, will be tracing the current wars, the immigration crisis and terrorism in the Middle East back to its origins in the World War I.


"Creating a Safe Place for Women Inside a County Jail" - Bonnie Winfield, Ph.D., Director, The Journey Home, Presenter
The Journey Home is a trauma informed program integrating restorative justice and expressive arts therapy for women in the Northampton County Jail. During this presentation you will witness the joys and struggles of the women through their writing and art.


"Goddesses, Archetypes and Matriarchal Societies" - Carol Cannon, Presenter
A review of the history of Goddesses, the archetypes they represent, and societies that honored them. Carol Cannon will present information gleaned from her interest in studying the Goddesses over the past 25 years.


 Note: Forum topics are subject to change